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My parents Harold & Margaret Strauch met doing what they both love, working with horses. Harold competing in the cutting events and Marg in the barrel racing. They began breeding top quality performance Quarter Horses in the early 70's. In 2018, they were honoured by receiving their AQHA 50 year Legacy Breeder Award. 

They brought into their Quarter Horse breeding program the best of both worlds, race bloodlines with speed and agility mixed with cutting and working cow horse bloodlines with agility and good minds. The resulting offspring are incredibly talented versatile horses with good looks, great minds & personalities that can get you to the top of the pack no matter what game you play. Horses that excel in barrel racing, roping, any timed event, cutting, show ring, on the ranch, or under a kid. We work to raise horses that can do it all. I have inherited my parents love, and appreciation of horses and have taken over the horse operation and continue to work to produce top Quarter Horses and carry on the bloodlines that have stood the test of time. We run a small breeding program that has turned out many many winners.

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Around the same time as they started to raise Quarter Horses, my parents became interested in and saw the need for alternative healing in the horse community. The opportunity presented itself and they began their studies. For many years they worked to help injured animals and increase their knowledge. At some point, along came Amber Strauch, that would be me. I grew up with them in the barn doing treatments and absorbed everything that they had to teach me. I am and have always been very in tune and sensitive to animals and intuitive healing came second nature to me. I have since taken numerous courses, seminars and workshops, constantly increasing my knowledge and skills. My passion is helping injured animals and people, improving quality of life and performance as well as teaching others. I believe that there is no end to knowledge and that a therapist needs to keep expanding their knowledge base and honing their skills. To provide the best service possible I have shifted my business to haul-in only to my ranch conveniently located a reasonable distance off the #1 Highway between Parkbeg and Chaplin.

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Thank you so much for checking in, if you happen to be in the area pop me a line, I love a good visit and to give tours through the herd.

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